Friday, July 31, 2009

MLB Trade Deadline Blog

I havent been on here in a while, and seeing today is the MLB trade deadline, I am glued to my television and computer for updates. So I will do the same and offer up my opinions as the trades come down. I'll update this with any trade that comes across my vision this afternoon. Deadline is at 3 P.M. Central time.

Wrapup-This was a unique trade deadline as we saw some teams just strip down to young prospects, the Red Sox offer up desperation as they chase the Yankees in the AL East, and the Yankees stay relatively quiet. This years winner at the deadline is the Phillies. They got Cliff Lee from Cleveland and the Phils did not even have to give up the same prospects they were offering Toronto for Roy Halladay. Lee makes the Phillies a contender for the National League with the Dodgers now. The losers are the fans of the Indians and Pirates. Both teams just stripped down and traded away most, or all if your the Pirates, their star players. Granted in three-four years both teams could be back in it again if these prospects fan out. You can't help but feel sorry for the fans that remain for those teams as you can only wonder the agony they must be going through.

3:36-MLB Network now reporting that the White Sox and Padres have completed a deal that will send Jake Peavy to the south side for pitchers Clayton Richard, Adam Russell, Aaron Poreda, and Dexter Carter. Peavy has been injured since June with a ankle injury and in May rejected a similar deal with the Sox, but given the Padres state of being he decided to move elsewhere.

3:12-FoxSports Ken Rosenthal reports that the Marlins have acquired 1B Nick Johnson from Washington for Minor League left hander Aaron Thompspn.

3:00-Deadline is here. There were Heath Bell Rumors out there still so it might not break until after. Final Thoughts coming up after all the deals are out there and done.

2:51-Yankees acquire 3B Jerry Hairston from the Reds pending a physical.
Braves trade 1B Casey Kotchman to the Red Sox for 1B Adam Laroche
Nationals trade RP Joe Beimel to the Rockies for two minor league players

2:43-MLB network now reporting that the Blue Jays and Reds are working a deal involving...3B Scott Rolen going from Toronto to Cincinnati. Not sure as to who the Reds would give up.

2:41-ESPN's Buster Olney reports that the Twins are talking with Oakland and San Diego respectively and trying to get either reliever Michael Wuertz (OAK) or Heath Bell (SD). He says the Twins are working hard to land one or the other before the 3 P.M. deadline.

2:35-MLB Network reports that Victor Martinez to the Red Sox is done. In return the Indians will recieve pitchers Justin masterson, Nick Hagadone, and Bryan Price. Coincidentally, tomorrow is Victor martinez bobblehead day in Cleveleland. Correction: Victor Martinez bobblehead demolition day.

2:00-One hour left. Now hearing that the Dodgers are talking with the Padres for Heath Bell and/or Adrian Gonzalez. Potential blockbuster happening. Man I live for this.

1:43-It appears the Victor Martinez to the Red Sox is in the final stages of completion. The Indians are going to recieve pitchers Justin Masterson and 2007 first round pick, Nick Hagadone.

1:13-USA Today baseball writer Bob Nightengale writes that the Red Sox are on the verge of acquiring Red Sox C Victor Martinez. Unclear as to who would go to Cleveland. More to come.

12:56-Also involved in the Cabrera to the Twins deal is the Athletics are sending cash. LA Times is reporting that the Angels are calling up utility man Sean Rodriguez and catcher Bobby Wilson adding fuel to the fire that the Angels are making a trade. They have been in serious talks this morning for Padres closer Heath Bell.

12:51-If you read further in Lavelle's blog he writes that someone in the Twins organization told him they are "wheeling and dealing" today. Could that mean more to come?

12:25-Orlando Cabrera to the Twins is done. Lavelle E. Neal is reporting that the Twins will send infield prospect Tyler Ladendorf in return. That makes me quite happy. Even though Cabrera is not a significant upgrade he is still a decent one due the Twins middle infielders inability to hit.

12:16-Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that the Brewers have brought back reliever Claudio Vargas from the Dodgers for minor league utility man Vinny Rottino. Vargas has a 1.64 ERA this year in just eight relief appearances with LA.

12:00-Three hours to go. No trades since the Washburn to Detroit trade. Lots of rumors out there. Lots of them around San Diego regarding closer Heath Bell who the Angels and Marlins are interested in and Adrian Gonzalez is getting alot of attention from the Red Sox. Personally I don't know where he would fit in their lineup. Hopefully there will be more to come.

11:34-Just read Lavelle E. Neal's blog on the Star tribune Website and he believes that the Twins and A's aren't close to a deal involving SS Orlando Cabrera coming to the Twins. The A's are reportedly asking too much for Cabrera, but A's GM Billy Beane might lower his asking price as the time ticks down.

11:32-Around a half hour ago the Tigers acquired P Jarrod Washburn from Seattle for two minor league pitchers. Not good news for the Twins and the White Sox who have yet to make a significant move. The Tigers lead the AL Central by 2 games over MIN and 2.5 over CWS.