Monday, August 31, 2009

State Fair Blog: Day 7, Fair Day 5

2:40-Sorry, forgot to blog when i left. It was a pretty dead day today. Just alot of trailers coming in and out of the barns as they unload. Had a sandwich from Steichens which was very good. Tomorrow Nancy will be there as Alyson will be gone again.

8:40-The lot was empty so Gene took advantage of that by leveling the dirt in the back part of lot b so that when it rains it's less muddy. He's on top of things today

6:25-Another cold morning here. The new animals are coming in now. It's gonna be a slow day so updates might be on the lighter side today.

State Fair Blog: Work Day 6, Fair Day 4

10:30-So after a long day at the fair I have finally come home. Zach and Liz came and hung out at the fair with me. Had some oig lickers, cheese curds, tired a deep fried oreo, and a chocolate malt. Walked around a good chunk of the fair today as well. Tomorrow the new animals come in. Hopefully the cops are less of jerks then they were today.

1:25-In a previous blog post I noted a site that leaked the Wilf's third jersey. They were right. Amidst chants of "Boogey!" Derek Boogaard unveiled the new green wild jersey. The crowd filled the street and limited the passer byers to just one lane as we watched another big wild moment this summer. New Wild clothing with the jersey design on it was going faster than Marian Gaborik hit the injury list in a season. Personally I love this jersey. It is designed after the 2004 Western All Stars Jersey which was played here and this will again be a big hit. I will get a picture of the jersey and the bat later on today. I'll post once more as we leave.

12:00-The day has been quiet. It will pick up at 2 o'clock when the animals changeover. I am heading in to see the wild unveil their third jersey at 12:30. I'll have another post when I return.

9:30-So upon coming down to the gate arm, Alyson was picking up some trash and we came across a cardboard box that had a injured bat, which was named Bart. We tried to help him, but he kept trying to fly away so we gave up. He ended up under a pickup truck where he remains now. We always joke about seeing bats but we never thought we'd see one.

8:40-We have not yet got our daily newspaper so Alyson is in the fair trying to get one. Everyone is pounding the coffee this morning due to the cold and tiredness. We have decided that at some point today everyone gets a 30 minute nap. Attendance this year is up. Thursday had 114,439 people come out here, a 10,465 Person increase from 2008 and Friday had 124,991, which was a 38,463 person increase from 08. Yesterdays attendance does not come out until noon. Mrs Hitler is out on her golf cart. I'm ready to take her on today if the situation calls for it.

6:15-Team Legendary is here physically this morning, but mentally...not so much. Everyone had a late night yesterday so we are very tired. It's colder this morning because your breath can becseen now.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

State Fair Blog: Work Day 5, Fair Day 3

2:00-We played some games cause the day wad a slow one. No interactions with Mrs. Hitler today (yay!!!). Didn't go in for food today, but Alyson had a fry bread taco which is apparently good. I might try that tomorrow. Tomorrow the Wild unveil their third jersey here at 12:30 so I will go in for that and I will have updates as well. Second shift is here so Team Legendary will adjourn until 6 AM tomorrow. Later.

11:45-So our gate arm has been getting stuck lately so our good friends, the carpenters, paid us a visit earlier and we told them about our problem. They just came and fixed it for us now. All they did was put 20 screws in the base and it was fixed. They make it look so easy. We are now going to play some games that Monica is making up so I might have to go for a walk now.

10:20-We totaled the scores from yesterdays crossword puzzle and Alyson defeated Monica 4-3. I finished last with 0 correct answers. Let's play this like golf, lowest score wins.

9:30-We have moved to the barricade now. There is slot of shade down here so it's cold still. We are working on our team competition: the crossword puzzle challenge. It's quite hard today. Monica won the crossword challenge on Thursday by 4 points.

7:20-Mrs. Hitler is on the move mow. She glared over towards me and suddenly I felt darkness come over to this side of Canfield. We are all bundled up due to the cold and all the farmers look at us like we are crazy. The sun is making it's way up over the swine barn so hopefully we can get some heat. The Team Legendary logo is here today and we all love it. I'll upload a picture of it later or you can check it out under the state fair album on my facebook. Our water cooler isn't here today and it might not come because there is a shortage of water coolers here. Gene is on the run trying to get one for us. Hopefully he does. Alyson and Monica had the question of the day when they asked if both male and female cows have udders? Gene replied with do both male and female people have udders and hopefully you wouldn't pull on the wrong cow. Haha

6:30-Good Morning. It's so freaking cold this morning. Everyone is all bundled up except the farmers who are still wearing shirts and shorts. Alyson is back today. No injury for me yet today. Mrs Hitler has not yet appeared this morning (thank god). This should be a interesting day.

Friday, August 28, 2009

State Fair Blog: Work Day 4, Fair day 2

2:00-Second shift has arrived. Alyson should be back tomorrow for team legendary. I am off to Canterbury tonight for some horse racing and some gambling. See ya tomorrow!

1:00-The official SUV of Biffs just went by. On the side it was marked with a yellow piece of paper and colored in black sharpie spelled out Biffs. The paper was duck taped to the side. God what fun here.

11:15-Went up in the fair for my break and I ran into Eric Eskola. Eric is a close friend of my fathers as they worked in the media buisness together. Eric can be heard on WCCO radio 830 every weekday morning from 6-9 as the main political analysist. We talked for a bit before hr had to leave. I then went to another favorite place of mine on the fairgrounds, the u of m building, which is located on dan patch ave. I then went up to the SPAM stand and tried a SPAM breakfast sandwhich, that consisted of grilled spam, eggs, and a bun. That was pretty damn good. I am picky about the SPAM I eat and I love grilled SPAM which made it all the better. I would definitely reccomend checking out the SPAM shack.

9:30-Rain finally let up and the sun came out. I heard it's supposed to rain again around noon today. The news of the day so far came from Nancy today as Emmy used the potty today. Pretty soon I'm gonna go in the fair and get some food. It's not that busy anymore.

7:30-The rain is here. We have all retreated to our cars until it dies down. It looks like there's a accident by the transit way because the emt's are out there. I guess last night a decision was made that involved the trailer lot across from us where they have to open up another gate and Gene was a part of that decision and him and the people across the street and a argument with him and they aren't on speaking terms anymore. I don't like the lady. She gets more cranky every year. It'd be a better place without her.

6:30-Got here and ripped my thumb nail opening the cooler a little bit so I have a owie now. Please note in your team legendary program today, scratch Alyson and write in Nancy Hochschild. Alyson had a work thing today so she is unable to work the fair today. Cows are starting to head up to the barn now. Got to drive the #7 golf cart this morning to move it out of the way. That was fun. We need a golf cart!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

State Fair Blog: Work Day 3, Fair Day 1

2:00-Second shift is here now so our day is over. The girls are going to be out here all night for tonights concert but I forget who it us. As for me, I am off to home now. The Twins have today off so I will catch some early sleep tonight. Later!

1:00-Went into the fair. Usually I get a footlong hot dog but a long line and $4 for one wasn't working for me so I had a taco from taco king. Best taco I ever had. Then I eat some other favorite foods of mine. A fudge puppie and a deep fried 3 mousketeers bar. Then I checked out the new fan central building which used to be modern living. The Vikings, Wild, and T-Wolves are among the teams in there. It's a pretty meat place so of course I reccomend going there. Also on my way through the fair I walked past my favorite radio show host, Paul Allen, who can be heard on KFAN 1130 from 9-12 every morning. It was a shame I didn't recognize him till he walked past me.

9:30-Moved over to the barricade now. Everyone that needs to be here today seems to be here cause it's kinda dead now.

7:00-So yesterday Team Legendary was saying how we could use a golf cart. Then this morning this guy comes whipping through here and I'm like wow your reckless as he pulls up I realize it's my friend Derrick. He is lot captain of the Robin lot and he gets a golf cart to sit in. I should be captain of Lot A, B, and C.

6:45-Upon reading the sports page this morning, I saw that Jake Mauer will no longer be doing his $2 cheat sheets at Canterbury Park anymore. He is done after this weekend, so I just might trek out there now to get one more before he is done. And just now as I'm typing this, the water cooler guy brought our water cooler back and it's been refilled. Yay!! Apologies to second and third shift guys for blaming you.

6:20-Good morning. I am very tired today, thanks to my father for that. I have had a extra strength 5 hour energy and I'm working on coffee as well. Cows are across the street so it's boring here this morning. The water cooler in our shack was stolen so Alyson is freaking out cause she drinks water 24/7. Suspects include the second and third shift guys for losing it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

State Fair Blog: Work Day 2

2:00-Second shift has arrived so we are out of here. Tomorrow is Day one of the fair and Team Legendary will have it's photo day. The blog will have more chatter tomorrow as I will have food and everything else to write about. I'm off to the Twins game tonight to watch the beloved team go for the sweep against Baltimore. Bye now!

1:49-Soft moment here when I dark blue dynasty without the cover for the trunk lock went by. Made me a bit weepy, not gonna lie.

1:28-Just noticed that Gene's golf cart number is #7.

1:20-Just went up and got a turkey sandwich from the turkey booth. Oh man was that good.

12:48-The fair hasn't evenbegun yet and we have been asked today if we do stamps here. Wow.

11:27-Animals still coming in. Breakfast was good. I had a biscuit sausage thing. Bought tickets for the Gopher Hockey vs North Dakota weekend in mid January so I'm quite broke now. Monica decided she was too good for team legendary and went and had lunch with some other dude. Every team has a rotten apple.

8:50-Bossman Gene has taken out his safari hat so it's pretty sunny out. Today is Gopher Day for team legendary so we all have Hopher attire on to impress the worlds biggest gopher fan that camps here. The animals are in their respective barns now so it has quieted down. Today is also McDonalda Breakfast day so I am going to get that. Everyone is having a biscuit with whatever they are having thanks to Alysons dramatic biscuit saying from 07.

6:50-Oh great, they decided to let the animals in early. Moo!

6:05-Got here this morning to see all the animal trailers lined up down Como Ave. Actually saw the third shift guy and talked with him. I never saw him at all last year. Yesterday we found two old oranges in the shack here and we threw one away and kept one as good luck. Bill (Third Shift Guy) said he left that orange in there from last year. Haha. It's clear skies this morning but a bit of a chill. Animals come in at 7. The rest of team legendary is here now. So more updates to come.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

State Fair Blog Work Day 1

2:30-After getting relieved at 2:00, team legendary decided to go stroll around the fair. We checked out the souvenir shop again and then just drove around the whole place. We then adjourned until tomorrow. Check back tomorrow as the animals come visit Team Legendary for the first time in '09.

1:15-Crazy Carney came and talked with us about the rides here, dating LeeAnn Rimes, and how big Joe Mauer's house is. Then we went for a stroll around the barns.

12:23-Twins Territory truck went by. It had Mauer, Morneau, and Nathan in each side. I waved at it while wearing my twins apparel hoping to get something free, but they kept going. :(

12:13-For some unknown reason, my father showed up. Still trying to figure out what got him away from the computer?

11:21-Me and Monica went up and checked out the state fair gift shop. I found out employees get 15% off so that made me happy. Then we went and got lunch at Nelsons. I had the best sandwhich ever. Campers come in at 12. Might not get back till the days done

8:30-We have voted and our team name is now Team Legendary.

7:40-it's slightly drizzling so we are all sitting outside in the mud doing our daily crossword puzzle. Just got my car stickers for me and my mother ;). Hopefully the rain will let up.

6:55-The rain finally let up. We can talk to each other again. Talked with the boss as well.

6:20-Its just a downpour now and the radio is my friend now cause the team can't talk.

6:05-Team competition is all here and it pouring pretty good now so we are sitting in our cars.

5:50-I have arrived and it's been raining on and off.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Twins Blog-8/10

All year they have fluttered around .500. If your the Minnesota Twins, the time is now. Tomorrow they open up a six game homestand which brings Kansas City and Cleveland to town. These two teams are the AL Central's bottomfeeders and they give the Twins a glorious chance to get on the right foot and get their season to where they need to be. They have acquired Carl Pavano to jump start the rotation and so far after the three game series against Detroit, Pavano shut out the Tigers and the other starters gave up 18 runs. The starters are the teams biggest problem. They give up a 2 or 3 runs in an inning and they just give up and let 6 across. This is a problem that is trying to be addressed, but it is not showing results. If the Twins are to turn it around this year, their pitchers must start going 6 innings in one start not two. Their offense can put up the runs, they just need to prevent other teams from scoring runs. But back to the point. The Twins play 27 out of 51 games at home. And most against teams that have .500 or worse records. That gives us a fighting chance. A prayer. A shot in the dark. Because right now, we need one.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Twins Blog-8/2

Friday, the Twins finally made their first upgrade at the trade deadline since the Shannon Stewart trade of 2003, when they acquired shortstop Orlando Cabrera from Oakland for minor league infielder Tyler Ladendorf. This was a much needed move. They addressed a key problem for this team by getting a middle infielder that can hit as well as play gold glove caliber defense. Obviously I would of liked to see them maybe acquire a relief pitcher to give another decent arm down there, but the asking price for some was just to much so I won't complain. Maybe the Twins can use the waiver wire to address that issue later. But back to Cabrera who is a career .280 hitter and has won a gold glove at shortstop, which fits in with the Twins way of pitching and defense. He wasn't the best upgrade for us, but after Freddy Sanchez was traded to San Francisco, Cabrera became the only option. I didn't really see the Twins getting Sanchez either as the Pirates repordedly wanted either 3B Danny Valencia or OF Aaron Hicks, two of the Twins best prospects. But never the less i am happy to see Cabrera here and he has come in and said his only goals while here are to make the playoffs and play every day, which is fine seeing that anyone besides Brendan Harris that can play short has problems hitting above .200. Meanwhile i'll be happy to see the Twins no longer have to play the Angels anymore as they have just beaten us around good this weekend and last weekend in Anaheim. They play the pirhana baseball that the Twins have done so well. The Twins have the Indians and Tigers on the road this next week. It will not be easy as the Indians have a bunch of young guys looking to make a name for themselves after the tribe dismantled their team at the deadline, and the Tigers continue to lead the central with great pitching. The twins have to win at least three games on this six game trip. It is too late in the season to have another bad road trip, you have to play at least .500 baseball on the road.