Sunday, May 30, 2010

MLB Power Rankings-5/30

Hello all. No big changes in the top ten this week. Tampa had a bad week, but I still think they are the best in the league. My team of the week, the Twins, lost 2 of 3 to the Yankees but swept the Rangers to finish off their homestand and got a boost to number three this week. A team fast moving upward is the Braves, as in three weeks they have gone from 25 to 11 to 7. My team to watch out for this week is again the Reds. They begin the week at St. Louis and play the gritty Nationals. They can solidify their status in the National League with a solid week.

Rank (Last Week) Team Record: Comment

1. (1) Rays 34-17: Bad week, but still the best.
2. (2) Yankees 30-20: Joba was exposed this week.
3. (5) Twins 30-20: Still can't top NY, but swept Texas.
4. (3) Phillies 28-21: 5 of last 8 have been shutout losses.
5. (7) Reds 30-21: Mike Leake is fitting in quite well.
6. (4) Cardinals 29-22: Pujols coming out of his "slump"?
7. (11) Braves 28-22: Jason Heyward is on a roll.
8. (9) Blue Jays 30-22: Home Runs are flying aplenty.
9. (10) Padres 30-20: Padres looking to upgrade their team?
10. (13) Red Sox 29-23: Big Papi has awakened from a 2 year nap
11. (8) Dodgers 28-22: What happened to Manny?
12. (6) Tigers 26-23: Quietly falling behind in Central.
13. (17) Giants 27-22: Is Buster Posey up to stay?
14. (15) Rockies 26-24: Two words-Ubaldo Jimenez.
15. (20) A's 27-24: Great pitching this past week.
16. (18) Mets 26-25: Jose Reyes is livening up.
17. (12) Rangers 27-25: Awful, awful road trip.
18. (22) Angels 25-27: Walk offs will never be the same again.
19. (14) Marlins 25-26: Cameron Maybin needs fielding practice.
20. (16) Nationals 25-26: Loss of "Pudge" is hurting them.
21. (19) Cubs 24-27: Do Cubs pitchers like serving BP balls?
22. (23) White Sox 22-28: Joe West really dislikes this team.
23. (26) Brewers 21-29: Corey Hart had an amazing week.
24. (25) Royals 21-30: Better win pct under Ned Yost
25. (21) Pirates 20-31: Crash and burn time?
26. (24) Diamondbacks 20-31: Justin Upton's numbers are rising.
27. (28) Mariners 19-30: This is a big week for M's.
28. (27) Indians 18-30: Kerry Wood is back...for a week!
29. (29) Astros 17-33: Pitching is just abysmal.
30. (30) Orioles 15-36: There's always 2014 for the O's

Monday, May 24, 2010

MLB Power Rankings-5/24

This past week we saw every team in MLB play two two game series followed by the first crack at interleague play. The teams at the top of the rankings did not have the best weeks so there was hardly any movement in the top 10. The Cardinals however did make a jump in the rankings as their offense finally came to life and got them back in first place. My team to watch out for this week is none other than my Minnesota Twins. They have three game sets against New York and Texas at home, where they have played outstanding baseball. The Twins hopefully have caught the Yankees at the right time as they have lost 5 of their last 7 games. Here's the rankings.

Rank. (Last Week) Team Record: Comment

1. (1) Rays 32-12: Destroyed the Bronx Bombers in two game set.
2. (2) Yankees 26-18: Can't be a good sign losing 2 of 3 to the Mets.
3. (3) Phillies 26-17: Jimmy Rollins can't have another DL trip.
4. (8) Cardinals 26-19: Retook first after offense came to life.
5. (4) Twins 26-18: Twins pitchers were quite giving this past week.
6. (5) Tigers 25-19: Can't keep going if Austin Jackson goes on DL.
7. (6) Reds 25-19: Reds came back down to earth this week.
8. (10) Dodgers 25-19: Still clicking despite Ethier's absence.
9. (9) Blue Jays 26-20: This team just hits the tar out of the ball.
10. (11) Padres 26-18: Wade LeBlanc and Mat Latos?
11. (17) Braves 23-21: Someone told Atlanta these games count.
12. (13) Rangers 25-20: Lost 2 of 3 to the Cubs. Not a good sign.
13. (15) Red Sox 24-21: Did Daisuke come to life?
14. (14) Marlins 23-22: Can Hanley Ramirez's be trusted?
15. (12) Rockies 22-22: Ubaldo Jimenez is the NL's best pitcher.
16. (16) Nationals 23-22: Where's Strasburg?
17. (7) Giants 22-21: Managed to score just one run all weekend.
18. (19) Mets 22-23: Jason Bay needs to step it up.
19. (25) Cubs 21-24: Carlos Silva is 6-0. How is that possible?
20. (22) A's 23-22: Much needed sweep over Giants.
21. (20) Pirates 19-25: Andrew McCutcheon has great potential.
22. (21) Angels 21-25: Pitching took a beating in St. Louis series.
23. (18) White Sox 18-25: Paul Konerko's monster start is gone.
24. (27) Diamondbacks 20-25: Pitching is achillies heel.
25. (28) Royals 18-27: Still playing musical chairs in the bullpen.
26. (23) Brewers 17-27: Who is John Axford?
27. (24) Indians 16-26: Rember when Travis Hafner was good?
28. (26) Mariners 16-28: Felix Hernandez has been awful so far.
29. (29) Astros 15-29: Roy Oswalt wants out. Who can blame him?
30. (30) Orioles 14-31: Dave Trembley has just days left

Sunday, May 16, 2010

MLB Power Rankings-5/16

Cincinnati played grade A baseball and ended up in first place as I said they could last week. Tampa Bay still sits atop the charts, but the Yankees are a much closer second after handling Minnesota well in the Bronx. My team to watch out for this week is the Toronto Blue Jays. I have them at nine but with games against Minny, Seattle, and Arizona this week they could move up the charts. But they have to still prove themselves inside their division which could wear them down by July. We saw MLB's first managerial switch this week as Kansas City axed Trey Hillman in favor of Ned Yost. I dont think any manager can save the Royals this year or next so this was a puzzling move. Enough talk. Heres the Rankings:

Rank. (Last Week) Team-Record: Comment

1. (1) Rays 26-11: Starting Staff is lights out
2. (2) Yankees 24-13: Javier Vasquez is teams weakness
3. (3) Phillies 22-13: Cole Hamels is at his best
4. (5) Twins 23-14: Still good despite Bronx woes
5. (12) Tigers 22-16: Handled Boston quite well
6. (13) Reds 21-16: Played great baseball vs Cardinals
7. (7) Giants 21-15: Eventually lack of offense will catch up
8. (4) Cardinals 21-17: Reds showed offense lacks pop after Pujols
9. (9) Blue Jays 23-16: Sweeping Texas was good for confidence
10. (20) Dodgers 20-17: Pitching has come to life this week
11. (6) Padres 22-15: No offense came to play vs Dodgers
12. (14) Rockies 19-18: Jeff Francis' return boosts team
13. (8) Rangers 20-18: Pitching staff has big issues
14. (19) Marlins 20-18: Marlins have played great within division
15. (15) Red Sox 19-19: They just don't have that winning vibe
16. (16) Nationals 20-18: They just grind out wins
17. (25) Braves 18-19: This team should take off now
18. (18) White Sox 15-22: Still waiting for Sox to get going
19. (9) Mets 18-20: Awful losing streak puts Mets in the cellar
20. (23) Pirates 16-21: Young nucleus playing above average
21. (21) Angels 18-21: Eventually Halos should pull together
22. (10) A's 18-20: A 1-5 week not needed following perfect game
23. (17) Brewers 15-22: Starting 5 could use a retooling
24. (27) Indians 15-20: Bob Feller could still be the staff ace
25. (26) Cubs 16-22: Carlos Zambrano still can't pitch
26. (24) Mariners 14-23: Get this team a power bat soon!
27. (22) Diamondbacks 15-23: Took a good beating from Atlanta
28. (28) Royals 14-24; Trey Hillman was holding KC back?
29. (30) Astros 13-24: Roy Oswalt wants out. I'd want out too.
30. (29) Orioles 12-26: Dave Trembley's job is on the line

Sunday, May 9, 2010

MLB Power Rankings-5/9

I'm gonna try and do this every sunday evening as I sit down and watch Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN. Its when I usually reflect on the past week in the game and give my rankings on MLB's 30 teams. This past week, baseball lost some legendary figures. Former Tigers broadcaster Ernie Harwell lost his battle with cancer and Hall of Fame pitcher Robin Roberts passed away at the age of 83. Despite not having a single man reach base today my inaugural rankings have the Tampa Bay Rays at #1. They are baseball's best road team winning 13 out of 16 away from Tropicana Field. A team that has potential to rise from this week to the next is the Cincinnati Reds. They play all their games within the division and currently are in second in the NL Central and just 3.5 behind the Cardinals. Here are the rankings:

  1. Rays (22-9)-Can't be touched...on the road.
  2. Yankees (21-9)-Blasted their way through Boston
  3. Phillies (19-12)-Phills finally picked it up this past week
  4. Cardinals (20-12)-Red Birds are quietly becoming the best team in the NL
  5. Twins (21-11)-Twins managed to salvage a split with...Baltimore?
  6. Padres (19-12)-Something is just clicking with this team.
  7. Giants (18-12)-Giants finally look like the team they should be
  8. Rangers (18-14)-They went 5-2 this past week to give them the West lead
  9. Mets (17-14)-Starting to come back down to earth after impressive stretch
  10. A's (17-15)-Dallas Braden might of put himself on the map this past week
  11. Blue Jays (19-14)-Jays always start good, but it catches up with them
  12. Tigers (17-14)-Is it just me or is Max Scherzer off to a horrid start?
  13. Reds (16-15)-Cincy has played some great ball this past week.
  14. Rockies (15-16)-I feel this team will turn the corner quite soon
  15. Red Sox (16-16)-Sox have beaten Yankees and Rays just twice
  16. Nationals (17-14)-Get Strasburg up soon while you are still in it!
  17. Brewers (15-16)-Doug Davis is vastly overrated
  18. White Sox (13-19)-Sooner or later, pitching staff will come around
  19. Marlins (14-17)-Jeffery Loria says they stink...what did you expect?
  20. Dodgers (14-17)-I feel the McCourt divorce is affecting the whole team
  21. Angels (14-19)-Mike Scioscia could use a minor miracle right now
  22. Diamondbacks (14-18)-Pitching staff throws too many beach balls.
  23. Pirates (14-17)-Pittsburgh is getting alot out of so little right now
  24. Mariners (12-19)-Cliff Lee's return has sent them backwards
  25. Braves (13-18)-How did this team get so low?
  26. Cubs (14-18)-Most horrendus pitching staff in MLB so far
  27. Indians (11-18)-Shin-Soo Choo is the only good thing in Cleveland
  28. Royals (11-21)-Trey Hillman needs some in rolaids
  29. Orioles (9-23)-O's somehow split 4 with the Twins in Minny
  30. Astros (10-21)-How did they get this bad?