Thursday, December 17, 2009

2010 Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot

The 2010 baseball hall of fame vote is coming up in a few weeks so i'd thought i'd share who would be on my ballot. You could vote up to ten players.

Andre Dawson(OF)-.279 AVG, 438 HR 1591 RBI. Had he not been playing the first 11 years of his career on the artificial turf in Montreal, he would undoubtedly be a 500 home run hitter. He was a force for the duration of his career that was plagued with injuries. He deserves a hall of fame plaque.
Bert Blyleven(SP)-287-250, 3.31 ERA, 3,701 K. If anyone on the ballot deserves to be in the hall, its Bert. Besides the before mentioned stats, he had 242 complete games and 60 shutouts. So take the 685 games he pitched and that shows one-third of his games he went the whole 9. That’s just invaluable. And he did it with one of the nastiest curveballs in the modern era. Bert should be enshrined in 2010.
Jack Morris(SP)-254-186, 3.90 ERA, 2,478 K. Morris was one of the best big game pitchers in the history of baseball. To back that he won the World Series four times and in ‘91 he pitched a 10 inning shutout of the Atlanta Braves. His stats might not look good on paper, but don’t forget he pitched in the same division as the Yankees and Red Sox and was overshadowed by Roger Clemens during his best seasons. He is hall worthy.
Lee Smith(CP)-478 SV, 3.03 ERA, 1251 K. Had he played more for a couple of teams rather than 7 teams, Lee Smith would be in the Hall of Fame already. Don’t forget saves didn’t become a major league stat until 1969, and Smith was the all time leader just until 2007 when Trevor Hoffman surpassed him. He was a dominant closer with great stuff and he gave teams that fear that when he came into the game, it was over. He has to be regarded as on of the best ever and should be rewarded for it.
Roberto Alomar(2B)-.300 AVG, 210 HR, 1134 RBI, 474 SB. His numbers aren’t that appealing, but he plays at a position (second base) where offense takes a back seat. But he excelled at offense and played great defense while playing for some great teams. He was a twelve time all star, a ten time gold glove award winner, and a four time silver slugger winner. As I stated before, his numbers aren’t appealing, but the awards case this guy has does. He will get in at some point.
Barry Larkin (SS)-.295 AVG, 195 HR, 2,340 H, 379 SB. Another guy with not the best of numbers but just his presence in the Reds lineup everyday made him a force. He was a twelve time all star selection, a nine time silver slugger winner, a three time gold glove winner, and the 1995 NL MVP winner. And for the final eight seasons of his major League career, he was the Reds captain. He is a should be hall of famer but it mights be a few ballots before it happens.
Edgar Martinez (DH)-.312 AVG, 309 HR, 1261 RBI. He was one of the first true Designated Hitters in baseball history. He was a feared hitter for the Seattle Mariners while batting behind another hall of famer, Ken Griffey Jr. He was always good for a .320 average with 25 home runs and 100 RBI each season during his a seven year stretch. The turn off for his hall of fame plaque is he was a designated hitter. Had he not played on the Kingdome’s Astroturf it might of prolonged his career by five seasons where his numbers would truly be better. He still is deserving of a spot in Cooperstown.


Charley said...

Nice post Giles, you're missing Tim Raines on your ballot, but I'm glad to see you have Andre Dawson.
2010 is The Hawk's year!

Andre Dawson for the Hall of Fame

Anonymous said...

I agree with Charley. It is a good rundown. Alomar needs to stay out for a couple of years for the spittle incident. Don't expect the game's legacy to go gaga over you, when you so disrespected the game. Larkin is automatic and Edgar Martinez had the sweetest swing I ever saw, and neither were the cheating types (if you know what I mean...).