Sunday, May 9, 2010

MLB Power Rankings-5/9

I'm gonna try and do this every sunday evening as I sit down and watch Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN. Its when I usually reflect on the past week in the game and give my rankings on MLB's 30 teams. This past week, baseball lost some legendary figures. Former Tigers broadcaster Ernie Harwell lost his battle with cancer and Hall of Fame pitcher Robin Roberts passed away at the age of 83. Despite not having a single man reach base today my inaugural rankings have the Tampa Bay Rays at #1. They are baseball's best road team winning 13 out of 16 away from Tropicana Field. A team that has potential to rise from this week to the next is the Cincinnati Reds. They play all their games within the division and currently are in second in the NL Central and just 3.5 behind the Cardinals. Here are the rankings:

  1. Rays (22-9)-Can't be touched...on the road.
  2. Yankees (21-9)-Blasted their way through Boston
  3. Phillies (19-12)-Phills finally picked it up this past week
  4. Cardinals (20-12)-Red Birds are quietly becoming the best team in the NL
  5. Twins (21-11)-Twins managed to salvage a split with...Baltimore?
  6. Padres (19-12)-Something is just clicking with this team.
  7. Giants (18-12)-Giants finally look like the team they should be
  8. Rangers (18-14)-They went 5-2 this past week to give them the West lead
  9. Mets (17-14)-Starting to come back down to earth after impressive stretch
  10. A's (17-15)-Dallas Braden might of put himself on the map this past week
  11. Blue Jays (19-14)-Jays always start good, but it catches up with them
  12. Tigers (17-14)-Is it just me or is Max Scherzer off to a horrid start?
  13. Reds (16-15)-Cincy has played some great ball this past week.
  14. Rockies (15-16)-I feel this team will turn the corner quite soon
  15. Red Sox (16-16)-Sox have beaten Yankees and Rays just twice
  16. Nationals (17-14)-Get Strasburg up soon while you are still in it!
  17. Brewers (15-16)-Doug Davis is vastly overrated
  18. White Sox (13-19)-Sooner or later, pitching staff will come around
  19. Marlins (14-17)-Jeffery Loria says they stink...what did you expect?
  20. Dodgers (14-17)-I feel the McCourt divorce is affecting the whole team
  21. Angels (14-19)-Mike Scioscia could use a minor miracle right now
  22. Diamondbacks (14-18)-Pitching staff throws too many beach balls.
  23. Pirates (14-17)-Pittsburgh is getting alot out of so little right now
  24. Mariners (12-19)-Cliff Lee's return has sent them backwards
  25. Braves (13-18)-How did this team get so low?
  26. Cubs (14-18)-Most horrendus pitching staff in MLB so far
  27. Indians (11-18)-Shin-Soo Choo is the only good thing in Cleveland
  28. Royals (11-21)-Trey Hillman needs some in rolaids
  29. Orioles (9-23)-O's somehow split 4 with the Twins in Minny
  30. Astros (10-21)-How did they get this bad?

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