Thursday, October 14, 2010

This is the End...

Usually when the Twins season end, I have this bitterness that lasts a few days, thus the long hold out until I give my final thoughts. So I'm gonna be short and sweet here when giving my thoughts and the 2010 Twins regular season and postseason.

This year the Twins upped their payroll to $96 million and made them a AL contender from start to finish. And with the great in season acquisitions made by GM Bill Smith (Matt Capps, Brian Fuentes), the payroll jumped to over $100 million. And as we saw after the calendar turned to August the Twins were the best team in baseball. They coasted into the postseason and faced their nemesis the New York Yankees. And yes, i'll admit, I wanted the Yankees in the first round. We matched up better than ever before and we had home field advantage in the series. But as we saw the Bronx Bombers dispatched the Twins in three games and adding all the more to the torment of our postseason past. And as we saw, the Twins lacked a power arm (starter or reliever) and their hefty lefty lineup was exposed as New York sent lefties to the hill to start Games 1 and 2. So they clearly need to bring in someone to hit for power from the right handed side. And maybe it's time for some of the home grown talent to move on to another team (Hint: .069 postseason hitter). And honestly from a fans point of view, this team was a failure. It pains me to say that but 3 and out is just unacceptable. And no, that is not a call to fire the manager. Thats the last thing we need to do. We just have to plug some holes in our roster and take care of our pending free agents and we can come back even better next year. I pity Bill Smith. I pity all of Twins Territory. We deserve better than three and out. Farewell 2010 Twins

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