Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Firecracker

If you haven't seen Ben Revere play, please take the time and do so immediately. He is, the self proclaimed 'Firecracker' that perhaps this team has needed all year. He brings the speed on the bases, and range in the outfield, that was lacking on the Twins. He has filled in at leadoff and in CF for Denard Span while he battles his concussion. Without a doubt, Ben Revere has played so well, it almost makes it impossible for manager Ron Gardenhire and GM Bill Smith to send him back to AAA-Rochester when this lineup returns to full strength.

Revere doesn't bring much pop in his bat (only 5 home runs in his minor league career). And out of his 21 hits this season with the Twins, just one is an extra base hit. So what makes him so effective? He hits for singles and uses his great speed to stretch those into doubles with stolen bases. Or if he doesn't steal, he can easily make it from first to third on a base hit (which usually has been happening with Alexi Casilla behind him lately) or score from first on a ball in the gap or down the line. Bottomline: Ben Revere is very dangerous with just a single.

If Revere has a down side, its his arm. Obviously at his size, you wouldn't expect him to have much of an arm. And even with his speed, you would expect him to be more suited for a corner outfield position. Imagine Ben Revere playing next to Denard Span for the next few years. Imagine how much better the outfield defense is with Revere than Delmon Young, who seemingly finds new ways to screw up on balls hit his way.

And where does Revere fit in once everyone returns? Well, he has played so well, its almost impossible to send him back. Even his manager has said he would like to keep him with the big club. So someone will be the odd man out. And honestly, it should be Delmon Young. Delmon has not been the 2010 version we all loved. He has been the 08 and 09 version that we all hated to watch. And if Delmon can get hot, thats all the better for the Twins, so they potentially could get more in return for a trade. Jettisoning Young in favor of Revere, would also be a big salary dump for the Twins moving forward (makes $5 mil this year, and has one more year of arbitration left).

If you can't tell, I am very big on keeping Ben Revere. When someone is hot, you keep putting them out there every day. And when someone proves they can play with the big boys, you don't send them back to minors. I haven't been to big on the moves the Twins have made before and during this year to help this team. So they can start redeeming themselves by keeping "The Firecracker" Ben Revere, up with the Twins, and in the lineup daily.

(If you missed Ben Revere's incredible catch from yesterday, here it is.)

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NoDak Twins Fan said...

I love what Revere has brought to the Twins. I hope they find a way to keep the "Firecracker" in the line-up