Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Ugly Gets Uglier

For anyone who went to see or watched the Twins this past weekend, you saw one absolutely abysmal baseball. Perhaps the worst we have seen them play under manager Ron Gardenhire. And to make it worse, they got their you know what handed to them by their punching bag over the past decade, the Chicago White Sox. And the White Sox aren't exactly a good team right now.

So one colored Sox (White) team leaves town, another (Red) comes in for a three game set starting Monday. And fresh off a come from behind victory against the Yankees, now is not the best time for the Twins to bump in to the Red Sox. And the Red Sox are playing at a ridiculous pace following their 2-10 start (68-33 since, .673 win pct) But it only gets worse from there.

After the Red Sox pay Minneapolis a visit, the Twins are traveling to Central contenders Cleveland and Detroit. Teams who the Twins could only muster a 3-5 record against, in a mid July homestand. Then come home for four with the team they can never seemingly beat, the New York Yankees.

And as I before said, the Twins played absolutely awful baseball over the weekend. And they can not afford to carry that into this upcoming stretch. Well...its more like we, the fans, can't afford to have them play like they have. Its too painful to watch.

With this upcoming schedule, you have to think how the front office stood pat at the trade deadline. They either should of made this team better, or sold off some key assets and help replenish a farm system that is in rough shape. And with the team playing very inconsistent, it would of made sense to sell. Because lets face it, this is a team going nowhere but down...

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