Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Benefit of Losing

Right now, the Twins are 59-88, which puts them in the AL Central cellar by three games behind the Royals, the team that shut them out yesterday 4-0. They are also tied for the worst record in the AL with Baltimore, which is also the second worst record in baseball behind the Houston Astros (51-97). Disastrous as this season has been, it will produce a positive out of all this mess. The Twins will undoubtedly be drafting in the top 3 in next years MLB Entry Draft.

Of course, that is all pending on how the Twins finish out. But at the rate they are playing, they should have no problem securing the #2 pick in the draft next year. And this is something they really needed. The last time the Twins drafted in the top 10 was in 2001, when they took, still to this day, a controversial catcher named Mauer over a hot shot pitcher named Prior. I will always believe the Twins made the right move there.

And in recent years, the Twins have been drafting in the 20s, and last year, the 30s. And the Twins farm system is really lacking big league talent at their top levels. But them drafting #2 won't solve that problem next year, but it will certainly be a step in the right direction for helping that issue.

But most importantly, should the Twins draft 2 or 3, they will be able to draft a high quality prospect. My hope is that they take a top line pitcher with this pick, and develop a staff ace that they really lack (Preferably, Lance McCullers or Mark Appel). In this league, pitching is what will take you places. Great hitting will only get you so far. For a good example of a team like that, see the 2010 Minnesota Twins.

So as the Twins continue to lose impressively every day. Don't think of it as a bad thing. Think of it as a good thing. They will be making themselves better for the future by losing more (If that makes sense to you). Because lets face it, the system needs it.

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