Friday, October 5, 2012

Handing Out Hardware

This afternoon, we kick off the new playoff format, featuring the 2 Wild Card play in games. But, before we do that. We are going to hand out some hardware for the regular season. We will cover Twins awards and MLB awards.

Twins Awards

Twins MVP-Josh Willingham: This came down to Hammer and Mauer. But ultimately, we gave the nod to Willingham. Willingham was signed last offseason over the incumbent OF and team leader, Michael Cuddyer, and he did not disappoint Twins fans in 2012. He hit .260 and lead the team with 35 home runs and 110 RBI. Not since the likes of Harmon Killebrew have we seen some hit for so much power. He was a much needed addition to the lineup, and was a very worthy choice of MVP.

Twins Cy Young-Scott Diamond: You may remember Diamond was taken in the rule 5 draft by the Twins in the offseason prior to 2011. The Twins ended up keeping him, but they worked out a trade with Atlanta so they could send him down to AAA, where he pitched horribly. So heading into 2012, Diamond was slotted to spend most of the year at AAA. But, Diamond pitched very well, earned a call up in May, and never saw Rochester again. He won his first 3 starts and posted an ERA of 1.40 during that time. Diamond ended up with a 12-9 record with a 3.54 ERA, both lead the team's pitching staff. He also threw 173 innings, which was 64 more than the second place finisher on the team (Duensing). No pitcher was more valuable to the Twins than Scott Diamond in 2012, and we hope he can build on his success in 2013.

Twins Rookie of the Year-Scott Diamond: You just read about him.

Twins Defensive Player of the Year-Ben Revere: Seriously folks, Ben Revere has a ridiculous highlight reel this year. No one covers more ground than Ben Revere does in the outfield. And in addition to his highlight catches, Revere improved his arm in the offseason (Still not great, but definitely better). He is making himself one of the best outfielders in the game. In fact, Revere should be in the conversation for a Gold Glove award, he has done so well. If you wish to watch the Revere highlight reel, here is a link to those videos.

MLB Awards

AL MVP: Miguel Cabrera (DET)
NL MVP: Ryan Braun (MIL)
AL Cy Young: David Price (TB)
NL Cy Young: R.A. Dickey (NYM)
AL ROY: Mike Trout (LAA)
NL ROY: Bryce Harper (WSH)
AL Manager of the Year: Buck Showalter (BAL)
NL Manager of the Year: Davey Johnson (WSH)

Enjoy the Wild Card games tonight!

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