Sunday, October 4, 2009

Final Regular Season Game at the Metrodome...Maybe.

Today i will update this to what I see on this great day in Twins history. Here's what's going on:

12:45-Getting ready for gametime. They are introducing the full lineups today. Kent Hrbek is sitting in the suite right above us. I'm trying to get a picture. White Sox need to get it going. They are down 3-0.

12:05-We are in out seats now. We all had a dome dog. For me it was my final dome dog. It was as magnificant as the first one I had. More to come.

11:15-Walked in the Dome. Recieved a certificate as to proof that we attended this game. They were also handing out old homer hankies to wave today so expect to see that frequently. We all bought programs and scorecards to do today. We are in our season ticket holder club filling them out. It's packed in here already.

10:30-Took pictures at Target Field. Ron Coomer went by and said good morning to us as he must of been doing a video for the broadcast. The meter we parked at was a quarter for .50 cents. I hope they will be there next year.

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Jill said...

Giles, I think Dad and I are the only ones NOT at this twins game. Even Louie Anderson is at the game!