Monday, September 7, 2009

State Fair Blog: The last day. :(

5:00-We are now leaving. We said our goodbyes for now. Hopefully Team Legendary can return next year.

2:00-Closing time. Second shift is here. We are going into the fair before we adjourn permantly.

10:15-Monica came back from the biff cleaning her phone and we found out she dropped it in the biff. Lucky for her it had just been cleaned. But still that's gross. Our gate is broken so hopefully the carpenters can fix it.

9:00-Heading over to the barricade for the last time. We filled out our time cards earlier. Just finished playing a little 500 with the football. It ended with Alyson getting her ring finger jammed. We have now gone to the crossword puzzle for the day.

6:30-Today is the last day for team legendary and the 2009 Minnesota State Fair. As usual we are just sitting outside the shack behind the swine barn reading the morning newspaper.

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