Saturday, July 2, 2011

2011 MLB All Star Game Roster Predictions

Well, I know yesterday I said I wouldn't post anything until Tuesday. But I almost forgot about the MLB All Star Game roster announcement tomorrow. So I suddenly had some free time and I'd thought I'd share my annual predictions with you. For this I took into account the balloting results (through Thursday) for the starters and the fact you need at least on player from each team on the roster. This year I also took into consideration who the managers are, because they will favor a player from their own team over a player from another when making a selection. And I believe the roster size (not including the final vote player) is 32, so I have 32 players on each squad. The rosters will be announced at 11 Central Time tomorrow, on TBS. Here are my predictions:


SP: J. Verlander (DET), J Weaver (LAA), G Gonzalez (OAK), M Pineda (SEA), J Shields (TB), C Wilson (TEX), J Beckett (BOS), A Ogando (TEX)

RP: M Rivera (NYY), J Valverde (DET), C Perez (CLE), K Farnsworth (TB), N Feliz (TEX)

C: A Avila (DET), A Pierzynski (CWS)

1B: A Gonzalez (BOS), M Cabrera (DET)

2B: R Cano (NYY), H Kendrick (LAA)

3B: A Rodriguez (NYY), A Beltre (TEX)

SS: D Jeter (NYY), A Cabrera (CLE)

DH: D Ortiz (BOS), M Young (TEX), V Martinez (DET)

OF: J Bautista (TOR), C Granderson (NYY), J Hamilton (TEX), A Gordon (KC), M Cuddyer (MIN), A Jones (BAL)


SP: J Jurrjens (ATL), C Hamels (PHI), R Halladay (PHI), J Zimmerman (WSH), C Kershaw (LAD), M Cain (SF), T Lincecum (SF), C Lee (PHI)

RP: J Hanrahan (PIT), H Bell (SD), B Wilson (SF), F Cordero (CIN), J Axford (MIL)

C: B McCann (ATL), Y Molina (STL), M Montero (ARZ)

1B: P Fielder (MIL), G Sanchez (FLA), J Votto (CIN)

2B: R Weeks (MIL), B Phillips (CIN)

3B: P Polanco (PHI), A Ramirez (CHC)

SS: J Reyes (NYM), T Tulowitzki (COL)

OF: R Braun (MIL), L Berkman (STL), M Kemp (LAD), H Pence (HOU), J Upton (ARZ), C Gonzalez (COL), S Victorino (PHI)

Bold denotes expected starter based on fan balloting

Again the All Star Game roster announcement comes tomorrow at 11 Central Time on TBS.