Monday, July 25, 2011

Buying or Selling

As a baseball fan, this is one of my most favorite weeks of the baseball season. The week leading up to the trade deadline. Teams trying to bolster their roster to make that playoff push or just add more depth for when they make the postseason. But, for us Twins fans, we are on the fence as to what the Twins should be doing this week. They put up a 7-5 record on a homestand they needed to win at least 8 games on. So, as Bill Smith and his staff look at what his options are this week, I will give some pros and cons to the Twins either buying or Selling.


Pros: If the Twins buy, they are telling the team and their fans, that they believe that the division is still winnable. The team takes this gesture from the front office, and makes another insane run and gets to the top of the division again.

Cons: To acquire the players you wish to buy at the deadline, teams that are selling ususally are looking for some quality prospects that teams are willing to give up because of their desperation. So if the Twins choose to buy, they could be forced to part with prospects that they shouldn't be dealing for a player that will be here for just two months. And especially with how thin the Twins farm system is at the higher levels (AAA & AA), it would really be unwise to give up big name prospects.


Pros: The Twins would bring in some quality prospects and help replenish a farm system that has slowly been going dry. If the Twins chose to deal Michael Cuddyer or Jason Kubel, they could get a decent return of prospects, since there is not that much great outfielders out there to move. The Twins could perhaps grab some prospects, who could impact the team in the 2012 season (i.e. a starting pitcher or middle infielder). Also, the Twins would get a higher draft pick in next year's draft (They drafted at #30 this year), because the team would have a bad finish to the season if they sell.

Cons: You are giving up on 2011. That is the message that is sent if you sell this week. The team would struggle in the remaining months of the year, and most likely finish in fourth place (The lowest under manager Ron Gardenhire). And you would have to part with great players such as Michael Cuddyer and Jason Kubel, who impact the Twins in big ways.

I'm still on the fence with what I believe the Twins should do this week. Had they won yesterday, I probably would be on the buying train right now. But they lost, and instead of being 5 games back with a win they are now 7 games back with that loss. They haven't made up any ground in a month, and their schedule gets extremely tough in the next month with series against Texas, Anaheim, Boston, New York, Cleveland and Detroit.

If the Twins want to buy, they need to be buying NOW. Not at the end of the week...NOW! They need all the help they can get, so waiting until the end of the week would be unwise, and you could potentially be further out of the race. So unless the Twins start making moves in the next few days, I'm more and more convinced that they should just sell and start making plans for how they can build their roster in 2012. I hate to say sell, but realistically, this is not a playoff team. And I don't know if a few middle relievers can change that fact either...

(Note: Please check out the poll on the side here and let me know what you think the Twins should do this week, buy or sell)

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