Wednesday, April 4, 2012

MLB 2012 Preview: Postseason and Awards

Before we dive into the postseason, here is a recap of our picks with the Wild Card winners:

NL West: Arizona
NL Central: Cincinnati
NL East: Philadelphia
NL Wild Card: Miami, St. Louis
AL West: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
AL East: Tampa Bay
AL Central: Detroit
AL Wild Card: Texas, Boston

2012 World Series:

AL Champions: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
NL Champions: Arizona Diamondbacks

World Series Champions: Angels in 6

Award Winners:

AL MVP: Evan Longoria (TB)
NL MVP: Justin Upton (ARZ)
AL Cy Young: Justin Verlander (DET)
NL Cy Young: Cliff Lee (PHI)

I guess technically the season started last week between the A's and Mariners in Japan (Yawn...), but the interesting games start tonight as St. Louis takes on Miami, in the Marlins new ballpark. Enjoy the season everyone!

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