Monday, December 3, 2012

Hold The Fort!

Today, we saw the annual MLB Winter Meetings kick off. And unlike last year, there was a miniscule amount of rumors going around today.

As Terry Ryan arrived in Nashville, his priority has become quite clear: Acquire starting pitching.

We saw that last week, when he dealt Denard Span to Washington for pitcher Alex Meyer. But Meyer, is coming off a season spent in A-Ball. So Meyer won't exactly be around for a while (Unless he makes a Matt Garza hike through the Minor Leagues in 2013).

Rumors floated about today, that the Twins are targeting free agent pitchers Brett Myers, John Lannan, Joe Blanton, Kevin Correia, and Francisco Liriano (Yep, you read that right). The only one on this who had a decent 2012, was Myers, and he spent most of 2012 coming out of the bullpen for Houston. Myers has spent most of his career as starter, but was moved to the bullpen in Houston (Not exactly a place brewing with great starting pitching).

One thing all these pitchers have in common, except for Liriano, is the fact they all can eat innings, but love to put the ball in play. So basically, the Twins are targeting your typical Twins pitcher. Throws early 90s fastball, pitches to contact, few strikeouts. Not exactly a welcome sign, considering that strategy has dearly backfired the last 2 years.

As one sits here and looks over all the information on these starting pitchers, one thing has become quite clear: If these rumors are indeed true, the Twins really are trying to find some pitchers to hold the fort for 2013 and 2014, while their young talent works their way up the minors in time for 2015 and beyond where Meyer, Kyle Gibson, and possibly Liam Hendriks and Alex Wimmers will be waiting to lead the Twins pitching staff.

The Twins won't come out and say this, but they are more just trying to hold the fort and rebuild for the future. Because if they were trying to actually contend, they would be linked to higher profile starting pitchers with that $30 million or so they have to spend...

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