Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hanging It Up

Four and a half years ago, I had this crazy idea. 

The idea was to start a sports blog and put my thoughts out there on whatever I felt like talking about. And as time went on, I only cared enough to talk about one thing and one thing only: Twins Baseball. And then late in 2010, I made the decision to change the blog to a Twins only blog called "Giles Talks Twins".

That name lasted for one season. After that, I joined forces with my friend for the past 18 years and the blog changed its name to Twin Minds. There was much to be excited about.

Also during the 2011 season, I followed another passion of mine and launched a hockey blog devoted to the Minnesota Wild. The goal was to be able to do the two blogs equally.

Boy, I was wrong.

Once the 2011 season ended, the blog went into a dry spell. Posts on here became more and more difficult to do. And if you haven't noticed, this is the first post on this blog in the calendar year of 2013.

With all of this in mind, I have decided to retire from the Twins blogosphere. It will be something that I will miss, but its the right decision at this point.

Ill keep the site up for a while, in case I change my mind and decide to come back, but the likelihood of that happening is slim.

This does not mean I have given up on the Twins. I still have my season tickets (This is the 7th season of having them), and will continue to have them until I am six feet under. I'll still tweet Twins things, as usual. I'll still be taking road trips with the club (The last few years Territory Train has covered this, and the word fun is an understatement to describe those trips), as I try to achieve a life goal of going to every park in Major League Baseball. And, you can certainly find me at those Twins Daily events (I went to the Twins Fest event, and it was so very much a great experience). 

I'll try and be a bit more active on the Twins Daily forums, now that I have finally closed the book on this blog.

Thank you to all of you who have read my stuff on here. I appreciate your support during these few years. I've tried to be as objective and positive as possible while talking about my favorite squad. 

My love for Twins baseball has not wavered in the past few years. But my ability to blog about them has. And it is time to move on.

Again thank you, to all of you. 



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