Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Baseball Preview-AL West

Here is the second installment today. Here is how i think the AL West will Break down. The teams are picked in order of finish.

  1. Los Angeles Angels-Even with the loss of Mark Texiera and Francisco Rodriguez, this team is still the best in this division. They still have quality starting pitching and they will be a good hitting team. There is no question that this is the team to beat in the West in 09 and it will be very hard for the three other teams too.
  2. Oakland Athletics-With the addition of Matt Holiday the A's look like they can make some noise in the west. But they have a young starting rotation and the Angels will be ready to pounce on their young pitchers. But they have a strong lineup that can put up some runs and they will make some noise but not a force in this division. They come in second by a wide margin.
  3. Texas Rangers-This team will most definitely put up some runs. But they still need to prove they can pitch. Losing Milton Bradley did not help their cause toward getting a better finish this year either. The Rangers need some young pitchers to step up for them to have a shot at the Angels this year. They still fall short in third.
  4. Seattle Mariners-I really dont know what to think about this team. They just kinda threw some veterans in there and see how they turn out. They brought back fan favorite Ken Griffey Jr. to put a few more people in the seats, but i don't really expect much from Seattle this year, except maybe play spoiler at the end. No love for the Mariners. Last Place.

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