Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Baseball Preview-NL West

We are four days away from opening the baseball season, so here is will i make my predictions. Today i will start with the underachieving NL West. Team will be picked in order of finish.

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers-By bringing back Manny Ramirez the Dodgers solidify themselves as the team to beat in the West. If he plays like he did last year he can carry this team to the postseason again. This team is built offensively but their pitching staff has some question marks, but none the less Dodgertown will be playing once again in October behind the wonders of Manny Ramirez.
  2. Colorado Rockies-Some would say the Rockies don't have Matt Holiday anymore so they won't do anything in 2009. You're wrong. This team has a very strong pitching staff lead by Aaron Cook, who is poised for a big year. Their bullpen is equally strong and if Colorado gets a lead it will be hard to beat them. The offense lacks a little pop w/o Holliday but they still can score. The Rockies will win the wild card over the Mets because of their pitching.
  3. San Francisco Giants-The Giants only have one place to go. Up. They couldn't get much worse after last year. The only bright spot on this team was Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum who looks ready to defend his title. They added veteran pitcher Randy Johnson to give the young arms some mentorship, but other than that no one big new in the bay. This team is just a thrown together team and those teams scare me big time so the Giants come in thrid because they are going to play more scrappy like baseball this year, and the fact they decided to get younger.
  4. Arizona Diamondbacks-The D-Backs one of the best one-two punch in the MLB with Brandon Webb and Dan Haren. But behind them they lack big time. Their bullpen looks to be shaky and their offense will struggle to put up runs with the loss of Orlando Hudson at second base. They are a younger team, but they need more experience. D-Back finish fourth.
  5. San Diego Padres- With a new ownership group don't expect too much from the Friars this year except to trade their experience players for younger players for down the road. Jake Peavy will be more used as trade bait than Cy Young ace. The Padres don't have much on either side to contend with so expect them to build for the future.

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