Saturday, October 29, 2011

Get To Know Zach

Hello! My name is Zach. As mentioned before, I have known Giles for a long time. Anyways, the first Twins game I remember ever attending was o August 5, 2001 with my neighborhood friends. You may remember that was the day that Kirby Puckett was inducted into the Hall of Fame. It was also the day the Metrodome a/c broke down. But, that day prepared me for outdoor baseball at Target Field, when the weather can get as hot as that day.

Favorite Current Twin: As of this moment, Jason Kubel is my favorite player. But he will soon be a free agent and could likely leave the Twins, so I may need to find a new favorite player.
Favorite All Time Twin: Of all the players I have remembered getting to watch, I like Brad Radke the best.
Favorite Non Twin Baseball Player: Josh Hamilton. Such a great story
Best Twins Memory: Game 163 is probably the best of my memory.
Best Twins Game I Have Attended: I'd have to go with game 163 in 2009, but the final day of the 2006 season comes in a fairly close second, and Opening Day of 2010 is up there too.
Number of Twins Road Trips I Have Taken: 4 (New York Yankees, St. Louis & Kansas City, Milwaukee, and Chicago White Sox)
Favorite Baseball Movie: Field of Dreams and *61 are among my favorites.

I look forward to Blogging about my favorite team in the world, the Twins. Please give me a follow on twitter @zachb89. Thanks!

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