Saturday, October 29, 2011

Welcome To Twin Minds

As you can already tell, Giles Talks Twins is no more. The blog is now officially called Twin Minds. It changed because there will be a second person now contributing to the site. And that person is my partner in crime, Zach Binning. Zach will be posting a little bit later so everyone can get to know him, but I will tell you this about him: We have been friends for 17 years now, we have shared Twins season tickets since 2007 (We saw our fair share of games in that magical run of 2006 too), and he is by far a bigger Twins fan than myself (He kept me from straying away from the team during their offseason between 07 and 08 when cornerstone players such as Torii Hunter and Johan Santana left the team). For the most part, we think alike when it comes to the Twins, but, we will have our disagreements as well. So hopefully, everyone will enjoy the posts we put up on here.

Win Twins!

P.S. Yesterday, we saw the conclusion of a pretty solid World Series. And following the game, the TwinsCentric gang has now released their 2011-12 offseason handbook. It literally covers everything you need to know about the upcoming offseason. I highly recommend this to any Twins fan out there. You can buy it, by clicking the link on the right hand side.

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