Saturday, October 15, 2011

Random Thoughts

It has been far too long since I've been on here. And I had honestly no idea what to write about. Everytime I think of something to post, I noticed someone else in my blog roll has already written on it. Maybe they're inside my head somehow (Haha j/k). So I'm going to compile a bunch of random Twins thoughts on here for this post, since I cannot for the life of me put one of those thoughts together in its own post.

  • I think the Twins would be stupid not to bring back Michael Cuddyer. Yes, he would cost in the $8-10 million range, but when he is healthy, he can hit 20-25 HRs and play literally anywhere on the field defensively. I would be very shocked if the Twins did not bring him back for 2012.
  • Congrats to P Liam Hendriks and INF Brian Dozier on being named minor league players of the year for the Twins in 2011.
  • As we read in Over The Baggy, the Twins may be one of the teams who might go after Japanese free agent pitcher Hisashi Iwakuma this offseason. I just don't like this idea. He would cost a lot, he is 30 years old, and you honestly don't know what you will get from him. The team would be better going after any other pitcher.
  • I think Chris Parmelee played well enough this September to get a good shot at making the team out of Spring next year. He could alternate time with Morneau as the first baseman and designated hitter, if he can continue to hit like he did.
  • I hope to god we don't hear those Denard Span for Drew Storen rumors again, once the offseason begins.
  • Is it a stretch to think that Glen Perkins will be the Twins closer in 2012?
  • I am all for bringing back Nick Punto next year, as a defensive specialist in the late innings.
  • I'm getting antsy waiting for the announcement of the replacement for John Gordon as the radio voice of the Twins next year. I hope its Kris Atterbury.
  • Its possible that with the major holes the Twins have moving forward (Pitching, middle infield), it may take them until 2013 to truly right the ship.
  • Despite their awful play, I still miss watching the Twins.
  • There are 127 days until Pitchers and Catchers Report
(Programming note: After quite some time of working on it, I have finished my Twins 2012 offseason blueprint. Once the TwinCentric gang has released their offseason handbook, I will post my blueprint for what I would do as the GM of the Twins. Once the handbook becomes available, I'll set up a link for it on this page.)

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TCFan said...

I agree with you about Cuddyer. Also, what is taking so long to announce Kris Atteberry as the new radio broadcaster? He knows the team, does a great job, and has a personality and sense of humor. Please don't bring in a retread like Lefevbre from KC.