Thursday, September 3, 2009

State Fair Blog: Day 10, Fair Day 8

1:20-Its changeover day at 2 so it's pretty quiet down here. Hitler paid us a visit a d said sone things to Gene and left. The big bosses are down here now so i'm hiding. I might get out early since the party happens at 2

10:30-Another slow day. Had a omlete from Hansens for breakfast. Pretty good. Came with hashbrowns and a donut. Just sitting in my car listening to the Love Civenant on KFAN. Nancy is out with us today. I believe this is her last work day. Might have more later.

6:15-Lots B&C are packed with the rodeo people trailers. Lot A is pretty packed with campers now. So it should be a laid back day. I still have a bitter taste in my mouth from yesterdays Twins game. I really hope they can get back on the horse after that.

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