Sunday, September 6, 2009

State Fair Blog: Day 13, Fair Day 11

2:05-Second shift is here. Tomorrow is the last day for Team Legendary and the 2009 Minnesota State Fair. :(

12:50-So dominos pizza has been coming through our gate cause they are giving free samples in the fair. So each time they go by they wave, but this time the guy gave us a pizza. And we couldn't believe it cause one of them saw us eating the other pizza. What a good day.

12:40-Yesterdays attendance was 207,075. The total attendance for the fair is 1,477,249. The fair needs 285,727 people in the last two days to break the single fair record for all 12 days combined. We had pizza from checkerboard pizza for lunch. It was very good. We had pepperoni and green peppers. Gene just brought us some pickle flavored sunflower seeds to try. They were good as well. My battery is kinda low thanks to Monica so I might not get another post in.

8:50-Got to ride with Gene on his golf cart for a bit. It got interesting when he was trying to read a daily schedule while drive through traffic. When sitting gown here by the swine barn you hear alot of people talking. And most of them make a joke when looking at the swine barn. It usually goes along the lines of," Should rename it H1N1 barn." That joke is older than Larry King. I'm about to yell at the next person that I hear say it.

8:00-Sorry for being late today. Had to read my Sunday sports page. Heard yesterday was really packed. I'll post when I get the numbers from the Coliseum office.

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Jill said...

Oh boy, free pizza. What could be better than that! I'm thinkin' they might ust break the all-time fair record,