Saturday, September 5, 2009

State Fair Blog: Day 12, Fair Day 10

11:00-I went up to Axel's and had a nachomamadog. It was very tasty. And it was a reasonable 4 dollars. It was quite crowded up in the fair so I expect another attendance hike today.

9:50-Theres been alot of pedestrian traffic down here at the Canfield gate. Anytime there is thar usually means the fair will be packed. I hate the double strollers that come through here. They take up the whole sidewalk. I'm deciding what fair food I'm gonna eat today. I'll probably go in soon so I can listen to the Gopher football season opener vs Syracuse.

6:40-Today is retro day so everyone on team legendary is wearing throwback shirts. Alyson is wearing the lime green one from 2004, Monica is wearing the light blue one from 2006, and I am wearing the tan one from 2007. It's a bit chilly out this morning but once the sun gets over the barn it should be a nice day.

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