Friday, September 4, 2009

State Fair Blog: Day 11, Fair Day 9

12:55-So we were a little bored so we had a can of 7up that a bee went into so we put some milk in there to drown it then we put the plastic cup over the pop can and smashed it with my foot. The milk went flying out and hit Alyson on the leg. Monica got it on video so I'll have it on facebook eventually.

10:30-So my lanyard that I switched with Nancy on Tuesday broke today when the connecting pieces broke off so I am now using my lanyard and badge from last year. The cookies are still there. We have eaten enough to close the bucket. I'm getting sick of them already.

9:15-Monica has returned with cookies and we have commenced with the eating them.

6:40-The lots are even fuller today with the new animals coming in last night. Could barely find a place to park. Today is sweets day so that means we are getting a bucket of Sweet Martha's cookies. Tomorrow is retro day, where we wear old shirts, and Sunday will be team photo day.

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disneylush said...

hahaha...i told you it was broken!