Friday, August 28, 2009

State Fair Blog: Work Day 4, Fair day 2

2:00-Second shift has arrived. Alyson should be back tomorrow for team legendary. I am off to Canterbury tonight for some horse racing and some gambling. See ya tomorrow!

1:00-The official SUV of Biffs just went by. On the side it was marked with a yellow piece of paper and colored in black sharpie spelled out Biffs. The paper was duck taped to the side. God what fun here.

11:15-Went up in the fair for my break and I ran into Eric Eskola. Eric is a close friend of my fathers as they worked in the media buisness together. Eric can be heard on WCCO radio 830 every weekday morning from 6-9 as the main political analysist. We talked for a bit before hr had to leave. I then went to another favorite place of mine on the fairgrounds, the u of m building, which is located on dan patch ave. I then went up to the SPAM stand and tried a SPAM breakfast sandwhich, that consisted of grilled spam, eggs, and a bun. That was pretty damn good. I am picky about the SPAM I eat and I love grilled SPAM which made it all the better. I would definitely reccomend checking out the SPAM shack.

9:30-Rain finally let up and the sun came out. I heard it's supposed to rain again around noon today. The news of the day so far came from Nancy today as Emmy used the potty today. Pretty soon I'm gonna go in the fair and get some food. It's not that busy anymore.

7:30-The rain is here. We have all retreated to our cars until it dies down. It looks like there's a accident by the transit way because the emt's are out there. I guess last night a decision was made that involved the trailer lot across from us where they have to open up another gate and Gene was a part of that decision and him and the people across the street and a argument with him and they aren't on speaking terms anymore. I don't like the lady. She gets more cranky every year. It'd be a better place without her.

6:30-Got here and ripped my thumb nail opening the cooler a little bit so I have a owie now. Please note in your team legendary program today, scratch Alyson and write in Nancy Hochschild. Alyson had a work thing today so she is unable to work the fair today. Cows are starting to head up to the barn now. Got to drive the #7 golf cart this morning to move it out of the way. That was fun. We need a golf cart!


Jill said...

It's fun drive a golf cart, isn't it! You should update your picture on your blog. Hope you have a good day!

Jill said...

YAY for Emmy!!! What kind of food will you be getting today?