Thursday, August 27, 2009

State Fair Blog: Work Day 3, Fair Day 1

2:00-Second shift is here now so our day is over. The girls are going to be out here all night for tonights concert but I forget who it us. As for me, I am off to home now. The Twins have today off so I will catch some early sleep tonight. Later!

1:00-Went into the fair. Usually I get a footlong hot dog but a long line and $4 for one wasn't working for me so I had a taco from taco king. Best taco I ever had. Then I eat some other favorite foods of mine. A fudge puppie and a deep fried 3 mousketeers bar. Then I checked out the new fan central building which used to be modern living. The Vikings, Wild, and T-Wolves are among the teams in there. It's a pretty meat place so of course I reccomend going there. Also on my way through the fair I walked past my favorite radio show host, Paul Allen, who can be heard on KFAN 1130 from 9-12 every morning. It was a shame I didn't recognize him till he walked past me.

9:30-Moved over to the barricade now. Everyone that needs to be here today seems to be here cause it's kinda dead now.

7:00-So yesterday Team Legendary was saying how we could use a golf cart. Then this morning this guy comes whipping through here and I'm like wow your reckless as he pulls up I realize it's my friend Derrick. He is lot captain of the Robin lot and he gets a golf cart to sit in. I should be captain of Lot A, B, and C.

6:45-Upon reading the sports page this morning, I saw that Jake Mauer will no longer be doing his $2 cheat sheets at Canterbury Park anymore. He is done after this weekend, so I just might trek out there now to get one more before he is done. And just now as I'm typing this, the water cooler guy brought our water cooler back and it's been refilled. Yay!! Apologies to second and third shift guys for blaming you.

6:20-Good morning. I am very tired today, thanks to my father for that. I have had a extra strength 5 hour energy and I'm working on coffee as well. Cows are across the street so it's boring here this morning. The water cooler in our shack was stolen so Alyson is freaking out cause she drinks water 24/7. Suspects include the second and third shift guys for losing it.

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Jill said...

You got my vote for captain.
Captain G. Ferrell.