Monday, August 31, 2009

State Fair Blog: Work Day 6, Fair Day 4

10:30-So after a long day at the fair I have finally come home. Zach and Liz came and hung out at the fair with me. Had some oig lickers, cheese curds, tired a deep fried oreo, and a chocolate malt. Walked around a good chunk of the fair today as well. Tomorrow the new animals come in. Hopefully the cops are less of jerks then they were today.

1:25-In a previous blog post I noted a site that leaked the Wilf's third jersey. They were right. Amidst chants of "Boogey!" Derek Boogaard unveiled the new green wild jersey. The crowd filled the street and limited the passer byers to just one lane as we watched another big wild moment this summer. New Wild clothing with the jersey design on it was going faster than Marian Gaborik hit the injury list in a season. Personally I love this jersey. It is designed after the 2004 Western All Stars Jersey which was played here and this will again be a big hit. I will get a picture of the jersey and the bat later on today. I'll post once more as we leave.

12:00-The day has been quiet. It will pick up at 2 o'clock when the animals changeover. I am heading in to see the wild unveil their third jersey at 12:30. I'll have another post when I return.

9:30-So upon coming down to the gate arm, Alyson was picking up some trash and we came across a cardboard box that had a injured bat, which was named Bart. We tried to help him, but he kept trying to fly away so we gave up. He ended up under a pickup truck where he remains now. We always joke about seeing bats but we never thought we'd see one.

8:40-We have not yet got our daily newspaper so Alyson is in the fair trying to get one. Everyone is pounding the coffee this morning due to the cold and tiredness. We have decided that at some point today everyone gets a 30 minute nap. Attendance this year is up. Thursday had 114,439 people come out here, a 10,465 Person increase from 2008 and Friday had 124,991, which was a 38,463 person increase from 08. Yesterdays attendance does not come out until noon. Mrs Hitler is out on her golf cart. I'm ready to take her on today if the situation calls for it.

6:15-Team Legendary is here physically this morning, but mentally...not so much. Everyone had a late night yesterday so we are very tired. It's colder this morning because your breath can becseen now.

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Jill said...

WOW! It is quite cold this morning. I myself am sitting here drinking hot coffee. The TV says it is 45 degrees out. It looks like you are not coming home today.