Wednesday, August 26, 2009

State Fair Blog: Work Day 2

2:00-Second shift has arrived so we are out of here. Tomorrow is Day one of the fair and Team Legendary will have it's photo day. The blog will have more chatter tomorrow as I will have food and everything else to write about. I'm off to the Twins game tonight to watch the beloved team go for the sweep against Baltimore. Bye now!

1:49-Soft moment here when I dark blue dynasty without the cover for the trunk lock went by. Made me a bit weepy, not gonna lie.

1:28-Just noticed that Gene's golf cart number is #7.

1:20-Just went up and got a turkey sandwich from the turkey booth. Oh man was that good.

12:48-The fair hasn't evenbegun yet and we have been asked today if we do stamps here. Wow.

11:27-Animals still coming in. Breakfast was good. I had a biscuit sausage thing. Bought tickets for the Gopher Hockey vs North Dakota weekend in mid January so I'm quite broke now. Monica decided she was too good for team legendary and went and had lunch with some other dude. Every team has a rotten apple.

8:50-Bossman Gene has taken out his safari hat so it's pretty sunny out. Today is Gopher Day for team legendary so we all have Hopher attire on to impress the worlds biggest gopher fan that camps here. The animals are in their respective barns now so it has quieted down. Today is also McDonalda Breakfast day so I am going to get that. Everyone is having a biscuit with whatever they are having thanks to Alysons dramatic biscuit saying from 07.

6:50-Oh great, they decided to let the animals in early. Moo!

6:05-Got here this morning to see all the animal trailers lined up down Como Ave. Actually saw the third shift guy and talked with him. I never saw him at all last year. Yesterday we found two old oranges in the shack here and we threw one away and kept one as good luck. Bill (Third Shift Guy) said he left that orange in there from last year. Haha. It's clear skies this morning but a bit of a chill. Animals come in at 7. The rest of team legendary is here now. So more updates to come.


Jill said...

YAY for #7!!! You knew I would comment on that, didn't you!!!

Wish I had a turkey sandwich!

nancy said...

Oh how I wish I was out there. I keep thinking I should come out. I have an interview at 7:30 tonight thou.

I thought about coming out to pick up lunch thou.