Monday, August 10, 2009

Twins Blog-8/10

All year they have fluttered around .500. If your the Minnesota Twins, the time is now. Tomorrow they open up a six game homestand which brings Kansas City and Cleveland to town. These two teams are the AL Central's bottomfeeders and they give the Twins a glorious chance to get on the right foot and get their season to where they need to be. They have acquired Carl Pavano to jump start the rotation and so far after the three game series against Detroit, Pavano shut out the Tigers and the other starters gave up 18 runs. The starters are the teams biggest problem. They give up a 2 or 3 runs in an inning and they just give up and let 6 across. This is a problem that is trying to be addressed, but it is not showing results. If the Twins are to turn it around this year, their pitchers must start going 6 innings in one start not two. Their offense can put up the runs, they just need to prevent other teams from scoring runs. But back to the point. The Twins play 27 out of 51 games at home. And most against teams that have .500 or worse records. That gives us a fighting chance. A prayer. A shot in the dark. Because right now, we need one.

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