Saturday, August 29, 2009

State Fair Blog: Work Day 5, Fair Day 3

2:00-We played some games cause the day wad a slow one. No interactions with Mrs. Hitler today (yay!!!). Didn't go in for food today, but Alyson had a fry bread taco which is apparently good. I might try that tomorrow. Tomorrow the Wild unveil their third jersey here at 12:30 so I will go in for that and I will have updates as well. Second shift is here so Team Legendary will adjourn until 6 AM tomorrow. Later.

11:45-So our gate arm has been getting stuck lately so our good friends, the carpenters, paid us a visit earlier and we told them about our problem. They just came and fixed it for us now. All they did was put 20 screws in the base and it was fixed. They make it look so easy. We are now going to play some games that Monica is making up so I might have to go for a walk now.

10:20-We totaled the scores from yesterdays crossword puzzle and Alyson defeated Monica 4-3. I finished last with 0 correct answers. Let's play this like golf, lowest score wins.

9:30-We have moved to the barricade now. There is slot of shade down here so it's cold still. We are working on our team competition: the crossword puzzle challenge. It's quite hard today. Monica won the crossword challenge on Thursday by 4 points.

7:20-Mrs. Hitler is on the move mow. She glared over towards me and suddenly I felt darkness come over to this side of Canfield. We are all bundled up due to the cold and all the farmers look at us like we are crazy. The sun is making it's way up over the swine barn so hopefully we can get some heat. The Team Legendary logo is here today and we all love it. I'll upload a picture of it later or you can check it out under the state fair album on my facebook. Our water cooler isn't here today and it might not come because there is a shortage of water coolers here. Gene is on the run trying to get one for us. Hopefully he does. Alyson and Monica had the question of the day when they asked if both male and female cows have udders? Gene replied with do both male and female people have udders and hopefully you wouldn't pull on the wrong cow. Haha

6:30-Good Morning. It's so freaking cold this morning. Everyone is all bundled up except the farmers who are still wearing shirts and shorts. Alyson is back today. No injury for me yet today. Mrs Hitler has not yet appeared this morning (thank god). This should be a interesting day.

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Jill said...

Stay clear of hitler. Love the question of the day. Can you put that follower thing on your blog so I know when you update?